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The Law Offices of James S. Hong and Associates has been serving the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area since 1989, and currently has three offices:

• Mid-Wilshire Office, Los Angeles, California
• Rowland Heights Office, Rowland Heights, California
• Orange County Office, Buena Park, California

The firm's practice philosophy is to represent each client with individual care and affection. The firm recognizes utmost importance of each client's cases, and practice and manage each case from the client's perspective to the satisfaction of client with the firm's vast expertise, experiences and knowledge. 

Our Practice Specializes in the Following Areas:

Immigration and Deportation

- Non-Immigration Visa
- Immigration Visas (Green Card)
- Immigration Appeals
- Deportation

The firm started it's immigration practice in 1989, and the firm is proud of the highest rate of approval of it's petitions to USCIS, and successfully represented many clients in complex deportation ligitations. Such impeccable results stems from many years of experiences, expert knowledge, and careful planning and preparation before submitting immigration applications. 

Personal Injury

We have been representing a wide variety of major personal injury and wrongful death claims resulting from auto accidents, pedestrian, slip and fall, to plane crash victims. This firm is well known to forcefully litigate the claims for the maximum benefit of clients, the firm's recovery for clients ranges from multi million dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. 

Criminal Defense

The firm successfully handled many difficult and serious criminal cases. The firm's dedication to our clients and cohesive criminal defense team atmosphere fosters superb results. We offer each client legal excellence, aggressive representation, honesty and integrity, innovation, superior client service, responsiveness and compassion. 

We earned the respect of judges, prosecutors and police officers as aggressive attorneys who are not afraid to challenge them on tough cases. The firm has successfully defended a client charged with murder in 1991 as self-defense, The firm also represented and successfully defended defendants charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, drug related offenses, DUI, insurance fraud, embezzlement, child molestation, assault and battery, fraud, domestic violence, sex crimes, to shoplifting, vandalism and juvenile matters. 

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