Prostitution is illegal in California. Buying or selling sex for money is a serious offense in most states in the US, and California is no different. One might argue that prostitution is a victimless crime, but California’s criminal laws do not buy that argument. A conviction for solicitation and prostitution in Los Angeles will not only ruin your career and reputation, but also result in jail time and fines.

If you are facing investigation for prostitution or a related offense, you need to speak to a competent attorney at the earliest. An experienced attorney can analyze your case and offer legal counsel on the best ways to handle the situation.

At Kosnett Law Firm, we understand that facing a prostitution charge is an unfortunate experience. We have years of experience in fighting these kinds of cases in state courts.

A conviction for solicitation and prostitution can have disastrous consequences because of the social stigma associated with it. It will ruin personal relationships and will also limit a person’s ability to find a job or obtain professional licenses. After spending a lifetime creating a reputation, you can’t throw it away that easily. That is why you need an experienced attorney to represent you.

Our lawyers have successfully defended several clients charged with solicitation and prostitution. We have often observed that if the person facing the charges does not act promptly and hire an attorney, they land themselves in a greater trouble.

Sources like mobile phones, the internet, and newspaper advertisements are used to nail the suspects. Consequently, even if you are innocent, you can be accused of prostitution or a similar offense for no fault of yours.

In California, both the client and the prostitute are prosecuted. If convicted, they can get hefty penalties, including jail time. If you have been arrested for prostitution or a prostitution related crime such as pimping, pandering, or lewd conduct, you need a good criminal defense lawyer on your side. Attorneys at Kosnett Law Firm understand how prostitution laws work. This knowledge allows us to defend our clients aggressively.

If you have been accused of prostitution or solicitation, you have several options before you. Only a good attorney can fight your case and protect you from a conviction by employing smart defense strategies.

Criminal defense is a complex science. Prostitution cases are even more complex. It is important that you find a Los Angeles defense lawyer with an excellent track record, good knowledge, and familiarity with local courts and legal procedures. Our attorneys are committed to hard work and favorable results, and it’s our top priority to ensure that our clients do not face the dreaded conviction.

Attorney James Kosnett has successfully defended numerous clients facing prostitution charges in Los Angeles. If you are facing a prostitution charge, please do not hesitate to contact us. The initial consultation is free, and it lets us understand your case better. We understand that prostitution related charges can be embarrassing, and we make sure that your details are confidential and hidden from the public eye.

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