Fraud offenses can range from relatively simple crimes such as credit card fraud, to wire fraud or mail fraud, all the way to more sophisticated charges like securities fraud. Though each kind of fraud has unique elements and a particular context, the essential parts of a fraud case are often the same from offense to offense.

To convict you of a fraud crime, the government has to prove that you lied, or that you were either participating in a scheme to take something of value from someone else through deceit.

Often, in a fraud case, the biggest issue will be whether the government can prove that you had the intent to either lie or do something deceitful. 

Being accused of fraud is a direct threat to your freedom and your future. With a fraud conviction typically will come large fines, restitution and time in county jail or state prison. Additionally, some forms of fraud are federal offenses, meaning you will face prosecution by federal prosecutors and investigation by federal agencies. These organizations typically have more resources than local law enforcement agencies. Federal prosecutors will pursue maximum penalties under Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

We handle all types of fraud cases throughout Los Angeles. Some of the types of fraud crime cases we handle include:
- False advertising
- False billing
- Identity theft
- Insurance fraud
- Mortgage fraud
- Healthcare fraud
- Bankruptcy fraud
- Welfare fraud
- Consumer fraud
- Internet fraud
- Credit card fraud
- Mail fraud
- Wire fraud
The Los Angeles defense lawyers at our firm are committed to defending clients who have been accused of fraud. We understand that facing these charges can threaten your reputation and potentially harm your current and future business ventures. When you work with a lawyer at our firm, you will have the backing of our years of experience in criminal law, along with our resources to fully investigate your case and charges. Many fraud crime cases are highly technical and will require expert witnesses and investigators to determine how to properly prove your innocence. We will utilize all these resources to help reach the best outcome possible for your case.Whether you have been accused of identity theft, insurance fraud, internet fraud or any other type of fraud crime, you will need an attorney on your side to defend your rights.

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